Advanced K9 Medical

  YOU MUST BE APPROVED TO ENROLL IN THIS COURSE.  PREFERENCE GIVEN TO LAW ENFORCEMENT or ACTIVE SAR K9 HANDLERS / ACTIVE EMS CREW.  SEND A REQUEST TO INFO(at)MALCTRAINING(dot)COM About this course: This course will be 2 full days of advanced medical care for the K9. The course is designed to help handlers and team […]

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Threat Avoidance Driving Operations

Course Description: While many people have learned Defensive Driving skills, few have learned how to be “Offensive” in their use of a vehicle.  This term does not necessarily mean using the vehicle as a weapon, but how to really push the dynamics while on the street in a safe manner for the passengers and for […]

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Extended Range Carbine

About This Course: Although the most probable engagement distance in the real world will be under 25 yards, there are times when probable isn’t actual.  It could be a hostage situation from an extended distance, it could be an active shooter down a long hallway, or it could be someone outside using cover to prevent […]

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