Executive Protection Level 1 – Edinburgh

About this Course: This course is designed to give you a detailed introduction to the fundamental skills and procedures required to provide personal protection to your family, friends, and clients. A few of the fundamentals skills covered: – Understanding the profile of the principle. –  Observation Skills to detect potential adversaries – Advance operations and threat […]

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Understanding & Controlling Fear – Edinburgh

About This Course: We all have fear. To state that you are fearless would indicate you are out of touch with your own emotions. Fear is actually healthy, it helps us understand danger. When we can’t control it, and either ignore it or let it control us….fear becomes our enemy. This course will go deep […]

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Training Account Builder Program

Want to attend training but can’t afford the full course fee just yet?  Use this option to slowly start putting money aside for training.  Have an extra $25 from a birthday card?  Put it in your training fund. Yes, you can do the exact same thing by putting money into your sock drawer, this just […]

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