Force-on-Force: In the Grasp (Evansville)

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  • FOFITG - Evansville
    September 3, 2016
    10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Maybe you practice shooting, striking, knife fighting, baton and/or grappling skills…etc.

But, how do those things really come together to work for YOU?

This course takes an honest and fresh look at what you can do successfully when the ‘Fight’ goes hands-on and you’re unable to initially access your ‘tools’ of choice.

We don’t claim to have all the answers or the perfect one size fits all fairy tale solutions. However, we have spent decades training in each of these realms, and more, to find several effective methods of dealing with such situations.

This course will teach you how to take the fight to an attacker from very tough positions.  Through this engaging course you will explore the many options you have if an attacker, or attackers, get their hands on you.  You will learn simple yet effective ways to deal with a variety of dangerous positions you may find yourselves in, both standing and on the ground.

Some of the topics will include…

*What to do if an attacker keeps you from drawing your concealed weapons (tools)

*How to counter various grabs and standing positions of control and attacks…

*Proven methods of fighting from bad positions on the ground

*Efficient methods of drawing your ‘tools’ of choice from the bottom of tough ground positions

*Fighting back when a larger attacker is on TOP of you raining down punches

*How to deal with multiple attackers…AND more

NOTE:  This is not a live fire or live blade course…ALL training equipment will be provided.  We ask that you wear normal everyday clothes.  It will take place indoors on campus.


Integrity Martial Arts (@ the Gibson Center), 8100 South US Hwy 41, Fort Branch, Indiana, 47648, United States


Located in the Gibson County Center of Vincennes University

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