Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle

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  • LEPR - Evansville, IN
    March 17, 2018 - March 18, 2018
    10:00 am - 4:00 pm

This is a Law Enforcement level rifle course designed to put the student through various scenarios that could be encountered in a patrol or off-duty response situation.

This course will cover the following skills:

  • Choosing the setup of barrel length, optics, and accessories for patrol
  • Operating your rifle in non-standard methods
  • Engaging targets while moving
  • Engaging targets around barricades

Equipment Required:

  • AR Rifle
  • Sling (one or two point is fine)
  • 3 Magazines
  • Magazine carry method for at least 1 spare magazine
  • Approximately 500 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye and Ear protection
  • Please equip yourself as you would carrying during everyday life. No battle belts, chest rigs, etc unless you carry it in your truck at all times and can demonstrate donning it successfully in less than 15 seconds.


You must have above average weapon safety understandings and muzzle discipline. Please contact us with any questions about these prerequisites.


This course is only open to members of an approved LEO or Security Company



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