Precision Rifle (Richmond)

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  • PR - Richmond, IN
    October 29, 2016 - October 30, 2016
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Course Description:

Perhaps you are a hunter who wants to take full advantage of the new rifle rules for hunting deer, maybe you want to be better prepared to utilize your weapon in a SHTF scenario, or you might just be someone who enjoys pushing yourself to become better at your skills in precision long-range shooting.

This course will help you become versed and proficient in the 4 pillars of long-range shooting: Rifle, Ammunition, Optic, and Operator. This course will be a heavy mix of classroom and range time to fully understand the fundamentals and the application of those skills. This course will teach you to shoot tight groups at 500 yards.

This course will teach you about Scope theory/operation, Wind reading/calling, Range estimation, holder overs and proper reticle usage, the principles of marksmanship, data collection, and ballistics.

If you really want to take your rifle skills to the next level, this course is sure to challenge you. Taught by a former military sniper, you will understand your weapon like few others.


Equipment Required:

  • Rifle capable of holding 1 inch groups at 100 yards – Caliber of 5.56 or higher (.308 recommended)
  • Bipod or pack to act as front rest
  • A small sandbag or monopod for use under the stock is recommended
  • A shooting mat or tarp to lay on is recommended
  • Scope with either Mil-Dot or Mil-Rad reticle. If you have a different system please contact us prior to registering
  • Tools to adjust and clean your scope
  • Spotting scope, Kestrel, and Phone Ballistic Calculator Apps are all recommended but not required
  • Databook (like those from Voodoo Tactical or Storm Tactical)
  • Approximately 200 rounds of match-grade ammunition of the same manufacturer, weight, and lot number
  • Eye and Ear protection Open to ages 14 and over when attending with a parent.
  • None other than a solid understanding of safe weapon handling



None other than a solid understanding of safe weapon handling

Open to ages 14 and over when attending with a parent.


3555 Park Elwood Road, Richmond, Indiana, 47374, United States


This is the private Freedom Precision range.

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