About Us

We believe your success and survival starts with solid training

Our instructors are all former military, law enforcement, and private contractors who have worked in hostile environments utilizing the skills taught in our courses. However, we feel their real skill comes in the way they present the information and the personal feedback they give each student. While we could fill numerous pages talking about their active duty careers, the schools they have attended, and the certifications they hold, none of that matters if they cannot adequately transfer that knowledge to the student.

At our courses you will never hear “because I said so”, or “because that is the way it always has been taught”. Each instructor will show you the “why” behind each technique and show you how other options may or may not work depending on the situation. If for some reason a certain technique will not work due to body mechanics, equipment, or other factors, they will show you alternative methods. Our instructors are not here for their ego, they are here to train you to survive.

Our students are right in our name, MALC. MALC stands for Military, Agency, Law enforcement, and Civilian Contractors. We train those who do this as part of their daily life. Our courses constantly adapt and change as our students come back to us and report about their encounters. We never stop listening, learning, and adapting.

About MALC Training