Anatomy in the Fight

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  • AIF - Edinburgh - 2021-July
    July 17, 2021 - July 18, 2021
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

About This Course:

If you carry a weapon for self-defense, you need to know how that weapon will perform in a real fight. If you are wounded, you best know the realities of your wound.

Many myths surround firearms, knives, impact weapons, and bare fists. The realities are often far different. Understanding and being able to visualize human anatomy during a violent encounter will allow you a better ability to survive those encounters.

Taught by a medical doctor, this training will allow you to neutralize your attacker more effectively, reducing your own risk and the risk of those you want to protect.

Topics Covered:

  • Ballistics in the human body
  • Vulnerable regions of the body and the methods to target these areas
  • Understanding of physiology and anatomy
  • Incapacitation and immobilization
  • Myths vs. Realities
  • Bullets vs. Blades vs. Batons
  • Simulated 3D targeting with simunition/airsoft

Equipment Required:

All equipment will be provided. If participants want to bring their own safety and training gear they are welcome.

  • Airsoft pistol (CO2 version)
  • Holster for Airsoft Pistol
  • Face mask
  • Soft training knives, ASP batons, etc.

Due to the nature of this course no live weapons will be allowed in the training facility during the simulated targeting portion. All participants will be subject to search and pat-down prior to entering onto the range.




Applicable to all skills levels who have a general comfort with weapons. The course is ideal for concealed carry citizens, police officers, or other first responders who may encounter potentially violent individuals.

Due to the nature of this course all participants are subject to a criminal background check.


3260 W Market Place Drive, Edinburgh, Indiana, 46124


We are in the same building as Mann Harley Davidson at the other end of the building.  This is located in the same general area as the Edinburgh Outlet Mall