Shooter/Fighter Matrix with Sonny Puzikas

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  • SFM-S - Edinburgh, Indiana
    January 12, 2019 - January 13, 2019
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Often the hardest evaluation one can do is that of yourself. Of ones own competency.

Owning a firearm is something millions can claim. Being a competent shooter? Many will make that claim, yet only a fraction of them are, in fact, competent shooters.

The difficult question is where on the matrix of competency as a shooter AND as a fighter with the Firearm do YOU stand…

This course takes the path of first defining where each student stands as a shooter AND as a fighter with the gun. Through thoughtfully designed drills, each student will be able to diagnose individual issues and problem areas. Drills gradually and progressively will take students from the square one way range shooting realm into a much more complex and chaotic realm of a gunfight. Attributes and components of the distinct stages of actions within the gunfight will be introduced in order to not only evaluate and diagnose, but to expose dogmatic habits that impede ones ability to fight.
In two intense days of learning and training, each student will be able to gather enough raw data and relevant results to be able to quantify his/her own competency as a shooter and as a gunfighter.
Along with diagnostics and charting competency, relevant and practical suggestions related to both shooting and gunfighting, how and why “fighting” affects shooting, and a lot more, will be given individually to each student.


– Safety. Rules. Principles.
– Charting your competency as a shooter and as a gunfighter.
– Components of shooting:

1. Accuracy
2. Speed
3. Weapon handling
4. Consistency

– Components of gunfighting:

1. Willingness to act
2. Data gathering AKA Observation skills
3. Accelerated decision making
4. Weapon access
5. Weapon retention
6. Movement/motion
7. Shooting
8. Legal considerations
9. Medical considerations
10. Post fight considerations
11. Other…..

– Moving
– Malfunctions from the vantage point of a gunfight
– Shooting while moving. Let’s move away from the dogmas
– Ambidexterity- the other half of you
– Vision. The what, the why, the how
– Mindset. What is it?
– Putting it all together….
– How to train

What to bring:

  • Plenty of rest
  • Open and willing to learn mind
  • Carry handgun with your daily carry holster.
  •  At least 4 magazines
  • Training knife (some will be available for use at the location)
  • Your carry trauma kit/items
  • 800 rounds of ammunition
  • 5 rounds of corresponding caliber snap caps/dummy rounds
  • Quality eye protection and hearing protection
  • Hydration and snacks
  • Note taking materials



This is mentally and physically challenging class. It’s purpose is learning – not just training.
This class IS a pre-requisite for S/F Matrix “Advanced” and “The Specialist” classes.



6077 South US 31, Edinburgh, Indiana, United States


6077 US Highway 31
Edinburgh, Indiana

Located 0.2 miles North of Tara Treatment Center on East side of Hwy 31.

Located 0.4 miles North of railroad crossing.

Please note….some GPS systems will utilize Franklin as the city versus Edinburgh.