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Escaping Civil Unrest

About this Course:

You are headed downtown and turn a corner to find your vehicle rapidly being surrounded by an angry group of protesters.  You work or live in a building and suddenly find it being in the area of civil unrest.  A nice dinner at your favorite restaurant suddenly turns into a situation where you have to figure out how to get out of the area.

Unfortunately these situations are happening more and more right here in the United States.  Knowing how to plan for, evade, and escape while being physically and legally safe is an important skill.

This course will help give you the tools to avoid these situations, and escape should things unfold quicker than your plan.

Topics Covered:

Civil Unrest Recognition

Methods Gaining Evolving Intel

Non-Permissive, Semi-Permissive, and Permissive Environments

Loadout and Equipment

Movement and Attitude

Route Planning

Tactical Situational Awareness

Equipment required:

An open mind

Pen and paper

Students should bring their smartphone, tablet, or laptop for certain exercises and insure adequate battery life or charging cords.





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