Avoid, Disengage, Escape

About this Course:

At certain points in our life the ability to stand and fight with an assailant will be limited.  Age, arthritis, joint injuries, reduced fitness levels, or other factors make it less likely we are going to be successful if we are in a physical altercation.  In those times our best course of action is to avoid the event, disengage as quickly as possible, and effectively escape.  Even if we are in our physical prime, injury or multiple assailants may dictate we need to employ flight versus fight.

Topics Covered:

  • Pre-fight indicators
  • Spatial awareness and positioning
  • Fencing
  • Slips, breaks, strikes, distractions
  • Distancing

Equipment required:

An open mind

Please dress in comfortable clothes which allow good movement



Course Notes:

This is a low-impact physical interaction course designed for participants of all fitness levels to learn techniques.



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