Advanced K9 Medical

About this course:

This course will be 2 full days of advanced medical care for the K9.  The course is designed to help handlers and team members better treat a K9 in the pre-hospital setting. The emphasis will be on working K9s such as those in law enforcement, search and rescue, disaster response, and handler assistance but the principals will be equally applicable to your home pet.

Day one will be an intensive dive into the “medical side” of EMS covering things like heart issues, heat/cold issues, bloat, allergic reactions, poisoning, etc.  Day two will be an intensive dive into the trauma side covering broken bones, penetrating injuries, falls, etc.

Participants will perform procedures on the Trauma FX advanced animatronic K9 Hero medical trainer.

Topics Covered:

  • K9 Opioid exposure and Naloxone
  • Sequelae for falls, fractures, burns, brain injury, anaphylaxis
  • Ventilation techniques
  • Physiological parameters and the 17 main anatomic and physiological difference between humans and canines
  • EKG and defibrillation techniques
  • K9 M.A.R.C.H Trauma assessment protocols as used in tactical combat casualty care guidelines
  • Tourniquet use
  • Contusion and fracture care
  • Gastric dilatation and volvulus and bloat preventative measures and stabilization pre-hospital
  • Identification of the cephalic and saphenous veins
  • Use of intravenous, intraosseous, and subcutaneous fluids
  • Fluid resuscitation guidelines
  • Comas Scale
  • Normal Vitals
  • CPR
  • Various medical kits and contents
  • Understanding of the Veterinary Practice Act and the restrictions for non-veterinarians, along with the new changes allowing treatment of working canines by paramedics and other medical personnel

Equipment Required:

Notepad and Pen




This will be an intensive fast paced class.  Be prepared to take copious notes.


Dr. Cheryl N. DVM – Founding member of K9 TCCC



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