Body Armor 101

About this Class:

Body armor, otherwise known as bulletproof vests, is something legal for civilians to own in most states.  There are perfectly legitimate reasons why you might want to include a set in your personal collection.  But where do you start, what should you buy, and how should you wear it? 

Topics Covered:

  • Soft Armor versus Hard Armor versus Trauma Pads versus Trauma Plates
  • Full coverage versus vital coverage
  • Ballistic ratings
  • Expiration and expected lifespan
  • Armor material and differences
  • Stab protection versus bullet protection
  • Vest, carriers, and off-body protection (example: backpacks)
  • Sizing
  • Adjusting your carrier for maximum protection
  • Various manufacturers and price ranges versus what you get for the money

Equipment Required:

Pen and Paper for notes. 





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