Butchering for Food Security – Pork

About this Class:

Feeding your family in uncertain times can require you to have skills that many people no longer possess.  Being able to safely process your own food can provide you with high quality fresh meat when commercial food supplies suffer an interruption. In addition, during normal times the ability to process your own food can help you maintain high nutrition at lower costs.

This class will show you how to process pork from the field to the freezer in a single session.

Please be advised. This course is not for the faint of heart as this will involve starting with a live animal.

At the conclusion of the class participants will leave with approximately 150 pounds of freezer ready pork.

Equipment needed:

  • Butcher board of approximately 24” x 36”.   This does not have to be a commercially purchased board
  • Apron and safety gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Please bring a spare change of clothes including spare shoes, and a bag to put your soiled clothes in for the return trip
  • Large totes, or large coolers.  The processed meat will fill approximately 4 of the 27 gallon plastic totes with ice.
  • Please show up with 50 pounds of ice you purchased on the way to class.
Equipment provided:
  • All butchering equipment including a butcher’s knife set and sharpener will be provided.
  • Hogs will be provided (approximately 300 pound starting weight)


Again, this class will start with a live animal.  Animals will be dispatched in a humane and ethical manner with respect for the meat it is providing our families. 

There is an absolute limit of 10 people in the class for safety reasons.  The price is the same for each person.  Unfortunately for safety purposes this class is not structured for observers.

Participants will work in teams of 2 to process one hog in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Although all food safety will be discussed and precautions taken, each participant understands safety during the class and food safety after the class is their sole responsibility.

This class is open to current CCRT members only

Day two has now been added where you will take the large sections and further process it into ready to cook portions.



Total Cost: 

Class supplies and hog is $395.  

PLEASE NOTE:  The final cost is subject to ever changing pork prices.  If pork prices significantly increase we will have to ask for an extra payment.  If prices significantly decrease we will provide a refund.

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