Basic Handgun

About This Course:

If you are considering (or have already) purchasing a handgun, it is vital you get training in proper operation.  While your friend/spouse/parent can help, quality professional training can make an extreme difference in your ability to safely and effectively handle your handgun.

This course is for those new to the handgun platform, new to their particular gun, or those who simply want to refresh the fundamentals.

For those who are new to handguns and are considering taking our defensive handgun level 1 course, this will lay the groundwork for you to successfully get the maximum benefit.

Course Topics:

·         Range Safety

·         Handgun mechanical manipulation (loading, slide operation, magazine operation, etc)

·         Body mechanics (Foundation, Grip, Presentation, etc)

·         Ancillary gear discussion (holster, belts, magazine carrying options, etc)

Required Equipment:

·         Semi-automatic Handgun (or rent)

·         Extra Magazine  ( or rent)

·         Approximately 50 rounds of ammunition (provided with rentals at current market rates)

·         Eye and Ear protection

If you already have a handgun, please bring it to the class.  If you do not, we offer a rental program where you can try a variety of handguns to become better informed on what to purchase in the future.

All participants should bring ear and eye protection and dress appropriately for the weather.

Required Prerequisites:


Special Notes:

This course is a mixture of classroom discussion and live fire on the range.

This course is open to ages 14+ as long as a parent attends.

For those renting a handgun please complete the rental registration at time of class sign up.  You can purchase your ammunition day of class at current market rates.  We do NOT mark-up ammunition or make a profit, you simply reimburse at our cost.



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