Building Your Medical Kit

About This Course:

You want to be prepared in a medical emergency, and you have taken some various medical classes to have the skills. But now what do you actually put in your medical bag to be more effective? What should you have in your car kit that you don't have in your individual kit? Should your home kit contain additional items? What about if you go hiking or camping?

This course will discuss various types of medical kits and what we recommend to have in each. We will also give you ideas of pricing for each item.

Topics covered:

  • Various kits and content changes
  • Types of medical bags and vendors 
  • Supply availability and cost
  • Personal/Family kits versus items you may use as a Good Samaritan

Equipment Required:

This will be a webinar hosted on our BigMarker platform.  It is best viewed on a laptop, computer, or tablet but will work on a phone.  It is recommended you are connected to high speed WiFi to minimize data charges.

Notepad and Pen




Doctor David Miller

Special Notes:

Open to ages 14+ with a parent.

This course is designed for students of all levels.



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