Developing Combat Strength

About This Course

Developing Combat Strength is a half-day course on how to achieve general physical preparedness (GPP). The idea is that you train all the major areas of fitness: strength, power, speed and endurance. Military, police, firefighters, emergency service personnel and first responders of any sort are prime candidates for this type of training.

Combat strength allows the athlete to potentially prevent injury, gain mobility, increase muscle and improve functional strength. A combat strength program is focused on increasing work capacity, stamina, and protection against injury. It is not focused on obtaining record lifts or max bench presses. The idea is that you should have a certain basic level of strength, but also be good at running, jumping, rucking and fighting.

Some of the skills presented in this class:

  • Principals of Strength Training
  • How to design your own workouts
  • How to perform the basic lifts
  • How to utilize bodyweight exercises Safety and injury prevention
  • How to improve mobility/flexibility

Equipment Needed:

  • Drinking water
  • Clothes you can squat in
  • Lots of questions
  • A list of injuries or disabilities you may have


This class is physical and you will be expected to participate as much as possible.



Open to all individuals age 14+



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