Defensive Firearms Mindset

About This Course:

Many people think a firearm is a magic wand which will help ward off evil. Others think they will be able to use it to “scare” off an attacker. Some people think they will have no issue using a firearm when the time comes.

The reality is all of these are myths. Using a firearm in a defensive situation requires a certain mindset, and that mindset needs to be developed far before the need arises. Knowing when NOT to use the firearm, the thought process which will occur in a violent encounter, and the ramifications on you if you do pull the trigger. These are all things most people never consider when they purchase their firearm.

Regardless of your skill with a firearm, this is a vital course.

Course Topics:

  • Firearms safety on the range versus firearms safety on the street

  • The types of firearm owners

  • Rules of engagement

  • Preparing your mind for the street

  • Refusing to Lose

  • Levels of force

  • The OODA Loop at its application

  • Why you would lose a gunfight

  • Our philosophy of training

Equipment Required:

Pen and Paper for Notes



Special Notes:

Open to ages 14+ with a parent.

This course is designed for students of all levels who own a firearm for self-defense purposes



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