Everyday Carry Integration

About This Course:

Why learn one method for the handgun, another method for the knife, and a totally different method of empty hand striking? Why not train to integrate them together?

The EDC Series of courses will provide detailed hands-on instruction on how to seamlessly integrate your EDC (Every Day Carry) tools (knife, handgun, flashlight, etc) AND combatives.

Student will learn to integrate and explore…

  • Power based Striking applied to stand-up & ground fighting

  • Offensive Blade Tactics & Counters

  • Handgun applications at extreme close quarters both standing and on the ground

  • Baton tactics for single and multiple opponents

  • Flashlight integration with Striking & Grappling

  • Unorthodox weapons integration (flashlight, pens, clothing, etc.)

  • Integration of all tools (gun, knife, flashlight, etc.) within the force continuum

  • Live Fire application & drills

Equipment Required:

  • Open Mind…

  • Handgun, extra magazine, Knife, Flashlight & any other true EDC item that you routinely carry

  • Eye protection

  • Personal 1st aid (boo boo) kit

  • *NOTE a wide variety of training gear will also be provided on site for student use.


  • None


  • Open to ages 14-18 with parent attending

  • This is NOT a live fire course.  We will be using laser guns (SIRT) against real targets



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