Expanded Fundamentals of Everyday Carry and Dry-Fire

About This Course:

You may carry a firearm everyday, but have you put serious thought into each part of your carry?  The exact type of holster you carry, where you carry, and why?  Now that you have the holster, how about clothing?  What about your mannerisms and self-awareness?  What about some of the dos and don’ts when it comes to deploying your weapon?

Have you done sufficient dry-fire practice, not just pulling the trigger, but practicing deploying your weapon from various positions like seated or while carrying items?  Are you fully aware how to conduct your dry-fire practice safely AND effectively?

We will cover all this and more during the training day, including introducing you to the Mantis Dry-Fire system and how it can help improve your training.

Topics Covered:

  • ·         Holster selection and proper fit
  • ·         Pros/Cons of weapon sizes
  • ·         Sufficient attire
  • ·         Attention to mannerisms and self-awareness
  • ·         Dos and Don’t when carrying in public
  • ·         Drawing from various positions
  • ·         Drawing while carrying various items
  • ·         Drawing while with loved ones or friends
  • ·         Drawing with movement
  • ·         Safety awareness
  • ·         Frequency, speed, and accuracy
  • ·         Utilizing the Mantis system and other dry-fire training aids

Equipment Required:

  • ·         Everyday carry weapon(s)
  • ·         Holster you use or have used
  • ·         Extra magazine and holsters if you carry them




All ammunition must be secured either in your vehicle or in one of our lockers once you arrive in the classroom.  If you are utilizing one of our lockers, please bring your own padlock.



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