Executive Protection / Security Driver

About this course

This course is intended to give participants the baseline knowledge and skills necessary as the driver in an executive protection detail.  This skills are equally applicable to every day life whether you are driving to the mall, school, or work.

Topics Covered:

·         Situational Awareness

·         Scanning Techniques

·         Proper Use of Mirrors

·         Accident Avoidance

·         Drop-Off and Pick-Up Maneuvers

·         Identifying Potential Follow/Surveillance Vehicles (“Tails”)

·         Ambush Avoidance

·         Route Planning

·         Down Vehicle Scenarios

·         Down Driver Scenarios

Equipment Required:

Note pad and paper

You will need a computer, tablet, or phone and access to high-speed wireless.  WiFi is recommended to avoid going over your data limits.




This course is the perfect complimentary course to Executive Protection 1 and Threat Avoidance Driving Operations.


Cost is $95

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