Fighting Around Structures / Urban Combat

About This Course:

Fighting in a confined space is fast paced and action packed, but before the adrenaline rush of moving through a building clearing rooms you must safely make it to the building. Moving through streets, alleys, and open areas to reach your target can be a very dangerous feat if you are unaware of the dangers that exist. Once the building is secure one of the most important and potentially life saving things you can do is establish a good foothold and defend the building.

This course will teach you how to safely and effectively move through an urban environment, engage targets from behind cover, designate an efficient entry point on a building, and defend your position from incoming threats while allowing help to arrive safely.

Equipment Required:

  • Airsoft weapons will be provided. If you have your own CO2 or Gas powered Airsoft you may bring it.

  • Airsoft masks will be provided. If you have your own mask you may bring it.


You must have above average weapon safety understandings and muzzle discipline.

Open to ages 14 and over when attending with a parent.


This course is ideal for the Law Enforcement Officer or the Civilian who is interested in knowing how to operate on the exterior of your house/garage/barn/etc.



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