Fighting in Structures / CQB

About This Course:

You're a police officer, on patrol when you get a domestic violence call. As you arrive at the door you hear screaming on the other side. How do you enter the house, how do you move from room to room, how do you carry your weapon?

You're in bed and hear the door crash in. You know the police are 10 minutes away. How do you move through your house insuring your family is safe?

All of these questions and MANY more will be explored in this course. You will learn how to fight in and around buildings, in full light, full darkness, and the spectrum between. You will learn how to work in alone, in pairs, and in a small team. You will learn how to use handguns, long guns (shotgun or rifle), sticks, knives, and improvised weapons in an encolsed space. This is a team based training where you will learn to work with other officers, concealed carry permit holders, and first responders to counter threats. This course WILL cover dynamic room entry, search, and clear techniques.

The skills will be applicable whether you are beginning civilian or a more advance law enforcement officer.

Equipment Required:

  • Eye protection

  • Flashlight

  • Gloves and Throat Protection

  • Please bring your current handgun, holster, and rifle. No magazines or ammo.


Solid understanding of firearms safety


This a non-firing course. We will be using simunition and/or airsoft only. All live weapons will have firing pins removed by our armorer prior to the start of the event.

You must be willing to put your fears and preconcieved notions to the side. This will be a training of your mind as much as your skill. You do not have to be in excellent physical condition, but do expect to be moving often.

Location will be near the Columbus Indiana Area and will be disclosed 1 week prior to the course.



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