Force on Force - Zero to Three Feet

About This Course:

If you have taken our Force on Force Handgun class you understand just how dynamic a real gunfight will be. If you have taken our Handgun Retention class you know sometimes when you are in close going directly for your handgun is a recipe to give your weapon to your attacker.

The reality is an attacker is most likely going to start the attack once they are already close. They will use deception or speed to close the distance and launch the assault before you even realize you are in danger. When that happens, their hands will likely be on you before you can access your tools of choice (handgun, knife, stungun, mace, taser, etc).

The focus of this Force of Force training session is to take a deep dive into practical options for dominating a fight at extreme close quarters.

This course will include practical training on how to integrate the pistol, knife, and empty-hand skills for self-defense.

If you are ready to truly understand a fight, this is the course for you. You don't have to be in excellent physical condition to take this course, it is designed to teach you how to survive in whatever condition you are. However, this is a course where you will be moving and sweating a bit.

The course is NOT competition oriented. It is geared for "every day carry", therefore you do not need to bring or wear tactical vests or other "high speed" accessories if it is not what you would normally have as a civilian or police officer.

Equipment Required:

All airsoft guns, airsoft ammo, CO2, training knives, and safety equipment is provided for this course. (You are welcome to bring your own training equipment if you own it).

No live firearms or knives will be used.

You will want to dress comfortably. Gloves and a scarf of some sort to wrap your neck is recommended. At a minimum wear a QUALITY belt.

The course will be indoors / outdoors as weather dictates.


This a non-firing course. We will be using simunition and/or airsoft only. All live weapons will have firing pins removed by our armorer prior to the start of the event.

You must be willing to put your fears and preconceived notions to the side. This will be a training of your mind as much as your skill. You do not have to be in excellent physical condition, but do expect to be moving often.





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