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Guerrilla Marksman

About this course:

In today’s American society things are rather peaceful and organized. Rule of law is easily maintained due to the systems that are in place. There is a smooth supply of resources and enough for everyone. There are police officers patrolling the streets every minute of the day. There is a large cellular and Wi-Fi network nationwide that keeps everyone connected instantaneously. Because of these systems our society is rather pleasant and easy to live in.

But, what happens if there is an event that disrupts these systems? If the resources no longer move, police become outnumbered and ineffective, and communications is no longer simple and effortless? How do you maintain the security of your loved ones in a society much more volatile and unfamiliar than the one we currently have? If these things happen, our society becomes the opposite of peaceful and organized. Criminals will be much freer to do as they please without fear of police interception. Even supposedly “good” people may become dangerous due to simply wanting to provide for their family. If these things were to happen, the world as we know it will become far more dangerous to a point that it’s almost difficult to imagine.

However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope to make it through it! The people that plan and train for that ahead of time will have a much higher probability of survival for themselves and those around them. A person’s ability to unite those around them for a common goal and fight as a team with those people in a tactical environment against a common enemy will be paramount for security of them and those they love. That is the only way to survive a scenario described above; unite and survive together using sound tactics. That is what the class Guerilla Marksman is about!

This class teaches students the basis for uniting a small element of people, preparing equipment, and using tactics commonly used by guerilla fighters throughout history. There is a heavy emphasis on rifle marksmanship because that has always been what makes guerilla fighters the most effective; they are accurate with their weapons and able to cause maximum damage with minimum ammunition and resources. All of this is done while remaining in the field, including overnight.

Training Plan:

Training will begin at the meeting location with discussion and equipment preparation. Don’t feel your equipment is fully ready? Don’t sweat it! At the start of class you will get to see what well configured support gear looks like, and have time to reconfigure yours as needed.

Students will be structured into a few tactical elements with leadership using a “Chain of Command”. The entire class will be conducted as teams and leadership positions will rotate. Come prepared to operate as a team with people you have not met.  

Your weapon not zeroed? Don’t sweat it! You will have time to zero and configure your weapon as needed. There will be an emphasis on individual rifle marksmanship and several firing drills that you will conduct.

All vehicles will be left at the meeting location for the duration of training and you will be staying in the field overnight. Any range gear that you cannot carry on-person will be transported to the firing point for you. Any gear you need for the night, MUST be carried on-person for the duration of class. Access to vehicles will be possible, but highly discouraged to maximize training value. 

Equipment Required:

This list is mandatory only. If you have equipment not listed that you want to train with, bring it. Many important things such as fire kits, first aid kits, etc. can be provided as needed. If you have the mandatory list, you can train. If there is something you do not have, inform us in advance and we can arrange for you to borrow (including firearms)

Clothing appropriate for the weather. You WILL be outside for extended periods of time regardless if it’s raining, sleeting, snowing, or bright and sunny. NO cotton or blue jeans! Use synthetic material or wool. Important especially in weather that is both cold and wet which is a possibility during this training.

Still talking about clothing; highly recommended to use a mix of thin under layers and heavy outer layers. Bring a heavy jacket!

2x pair of pants minimum

2x pair of boots minimum

4x pair of socks minimum

Beanie/Toboggan/warm headgear

Gloves (warming)

Rain gear top and bottom (preferably heavy duty, strong enough to move through woods)

Pen, pencil, paper (you should be able to carry this at all times)

Watch (phones don’t count)

Headlamp (preferably with red lens)

Backup flashlight

Sleeping bag (suitable for the weather. Highly recommend the Army modular bag with bivy cover)


Tarp 8’x10’ minimum size (10’x12’ ideal)

Good quality rifle suitable for approximately 300 yards (Bolt Action, AR, AK, etc.)

Optics can be iron sights, magnified red dot, or magnified scope

At least 300 rounds of rifle ammunition

Rifle sling

2x extra rifle magazines if your weapon is magazine fed

Method to carry your rifle magazines/ammo on-person (chest rig, battle belt, etc.)

Weapon Lubricant

Eye and ear protection

Ruck/Backpack (large enough to carry 24-36 hours’ worth of equipment and resources)

Water container (at least 2-quarts carried. Can be in multiple containers)

Food (Mountain House meals, MRE’s, tuna packets, beef jerky, trail mix, freeze dried fruit, energy bars, canned meat, etc.)

Extra batteries to any electronics

Small trash bag

Water Purification tablets

Toilet paper/Baby wipes

Equipment OPTIONAL:

  • Anything not listed on the above list that you want to bring you can bring and incorporate it into training
  • Pistol w/ holster, magazines, ammunition, method to carry ammo on-person
  • Folding chair
  • Fire starting items
  • First Aid and Trauma items
  • Sleeping pad
  • Hand/Feet Warmers
  • Ham radio or “Walkie Talkie”
  • Shooting mat
  • Binoculars
  • Spotting scope
  • Cordage/550 Cord
  • Compass
  • Rain cover to ruck/pack



This course is open to ages 14+ as long as a parent attends.



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