Home Invasion Defense - Level 2

About this Course:

You wake up to hear a noise at your door.  At 3 am it certainly isn’t the mailman.  As you are wiping the sleep from your eyes 2 guys kick the door in and enter your house with intentions that aren’t nice.  What do you do, what do you use, and what do expect from your family?

You come in from work, and you notice something just isn’t right.  You know your family is inside, but they aren’t answering the phone and there is a strange car in the drive.  How do you enter the house, how do you move from room to room, how do you carry your weapon?

You’re at home, and in the middle of the night you hear a noise outside.  You look at the window, and there is a person trying to break into your car.  How do you respond?

This course takes the skills learned in the Level 1 offering, and expands them to include additional techniques and options.

The skills will be applicable whether you are beginning civilian that doesn’t even currently own a gun, or if you are a more advanced student.

Equipment required:

  • Eye protection

  • All other equipment will be provided


Home Invasion Defense Level 1


This a non-firing course. 

You should come prepared and willing to put your fears and preconceived notions to the side.  This will be a training of your mind as much as your skill. 

Physical Activity Level:

This is a lower level physicality course. Regardless of your current physical condition, as this course will teach you how to survive.



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