Herbal Medicine

About This Course:

Before the age of modern pharmaceuticals, people still had medicine…..they just found it in their yards and forests.  While plants can’t treat every disease, there are many common ailments which can be successfully alleviated with the proper plants utilized the proper way.

Once you have found the proper plants (as covered in our foraging class), you need to know how to prepare the plants for use and how to use the prepared compounds.

If you are worried about a situation where you may not have ready access to over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, you want to learn about “the old ways”, or you just have an interest in healthy alternatives, this course is for you.

This not a “voodoo essential oils” class.  This is a solid class covering historically effective plant-based medicine.

Topics Covered:

What plants work for what ailments

Making plant-based medicine for internal use

Making plant-based medicine for external use

Mixing various plant-based medicines

Important safety considerations

Equipment Required:

Please have notetaking materials available.  You will want to take notes.



This course is a companion course to our live webinar: Foraging for Medicinal Plants



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