Handgun Retention

About This Course:

Whether you carry a handgun as part of your job or not, in order to use it you must be able to maintain possession. Most violent encounters on the street happen in close, and when you are close there is a danger of the opponent gaining control or possession of the weapon. This course will cover proven techniques to maintain your weapon while keeping yourself in the fight.

This course is equally applicable to law enforcement on-duty and off, as well as civilians who carry open or concealed.

Topics Covered Include:

Retention in various carry options

Retention in force on force scenarios

Retention standing and on the ground

The course will include discussion, demonstration, technique execution, and force on force application.

Although this is a physical course, accommodations will be made for those with varying degrees of fitness and physical limitations. The techniques will work for all.

Equipment needed:

  • EMPTY Gun that you carry every day. Yellow training barrels are preferred.

  • Holster that you use everyday

  • EMPTY magazine

  • If you carry a folder knife, bring it to class. If you have a training version, bring it.

  • Eye protection

Optional but recommended:

  • Mouthguard

  • Cup for males

  • Sports bras for females




This course is open to civilian and law enforcement.

Ages 14+ with parent attending

It is imperative you participate in this class wearing the holster you carry with everyday.



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