Interpreting Body Language

About This Course:

Have you ever been sitting across from someone and just had this feeling the words you were hearing wasn’t telling you the full story?  Ever tried to have a conversation but you felt like you just weren’t getting through to the other person?

Many times there is an internal dialogue going on inside people but for whatever reason they aren’t using their words to tell you the full story.  It could be they are trying to be deceitful, they may be holding a secret, they could be embarrassed, or they could simply just not be interested.

As participants of the SRE-1 course have learned, the Limbic system of the brain is much harder to control than our voices.  As such, we “leak” nonverbal clues to our internal thoughts, and that leakage manifests itself in our body language.  Knowing how to interpret that body language can help you be more successful communicators by understanding the real story.

Topics Covered:

Recognizing the proper baseline based on environment

Discovering deception

Getting past verbal barriers

Recognizing fake versus real expressions

Using your own body language to broadcast subtle but powerful messages



Equipment Required:

Notepad and Pen


This is NOT the same course as SRE-1 although they will be perfect complimentary courses.  SRE-1 is looking at groups with limited amount of time.  This course goes deep into one-on-one or small group settings where you are engaged in communication.



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