Intro to Edged Weapons

About This Course:

Handguns are excellent weapons, but often you will be unable to carry one due to travel, clothing, area restrictions, or your own skill level. However, a knife is usually something you can carry in all locations with limited issues around concealment. While some people quote the famous phrase “don’t bring a knife to a gunfight”, the knowledgeable understand a knife is often much more dangerous and feared. 

If you would like to learn both offensive and defensive techniques, this is a course you won’t want to miss.

Equipment Required:

Training Knives. While we believe in realistic training, we want to keep you safe.  If you have rubber, plastic, or dull training knives bring them.  Otherwise we will provide.

MMA style gloves. You will want some sort of gloves.  Boxing gloves will not work.  If you don't have MMA gloves bring something like Mechanixwear gloves.  We will have these available if you can't find.





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