Introduction to Archery

About This Course:

The archery bow is an elegant and effective weapon. If you are a hunter and only using firearms, you are missing a significant portion of hunting season. If you are looking for a safe and enjoyable hobby you can do in most locations (even in most cities), archery is one you should consider.

This course will focus on the form and safety aspects and give you a general feel for archery.

Areas covered include:

  • Getting the best use of balance and muscle groups
  • Understanding stance and posture
  • Proper hand placements
  • Proper Nock, Draw, Anchoring, and Release
  • Proper Aim
  • Proper Follow Through

This course will also go over safety gear, and understanding equipment needs and purchasing options to make sure you know what to buy if you choose to continue.

Equipment Required:

All equipment will be provided for this course.


This course will utilize and teach the Recurve Bow.  It will touch on compound bows and crossbows, but they will not be utilized for this course.

This course is INDOORS.  It will utilized special targets and backstops.  As such, all equipment used must be those provided in the course to prevent damage to the targets and the backstop.  



Open to ages 14+ with parent in attendance.



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