Less Lethal Weapons / OC-CEW

About This Course:

This course is meant to familiarize the student with less-lethal options to conflict resolution, primarily OC Spray and Conducted Energy Weapons (Taser/Stun Gun).

Topics Covered Include:

  • Legal Considerations
  • Medical and Safety Information
  • Voluntary Exposures
  • Neuro-muscular Incapacitation
  • Optical-nasal Irritation
  • Tactical Considerations
  • Types and Advantages/Disadvantages of Various Devices

Participants will have the opportunity to receive exposure to both the CEW and OC Spray.  Medical releases will be required for those participating.  Exposure to one or both are optional and not required for course completion.

Equipment Needed:

  • Change of clothes if you plan to be exposed to OC
  • T-shirt that you don’t mind getting small holes if you plan to be exposed to the CEW
  • Safety glasses (clear)
  • Pen / Paper for notes

Practice OC Spray, Live OC Spray, and Live Taser Cartridges will be supplied




All participants must be 18+ years of age

Participants must fill out a medical form to participate in either exposure



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