Low Light Handgun

Course Description:

Many people are familiar with shooting their handgun in the sunlight, but how many have actually shot in pitch dark? Have you become proficient with using a flashlight in combination with your handgun? If you have a weapon mounted light, are you comfortable with manipulating it while firing?

If you are considering carrying a handgun for personal defense, or just want to keep one in your nightstand, this is a vital course for you. Statistics show many defensive situations call for the handgun to be utilized in low-light conditions. This course will make you comfortable using a light, along with some of the misconceptions about their use.

Equipment Required:

  • Semi-Automatic Handgun
  • Holster (NO Serpa Holsters due to insurance regulations)
  • 2 Magazines
  • Magazine carry method for at least 1 spare magazine
  • Approximately 50 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye and Ear protection
  • Handheld Flashlight (even if you have a mounted weaponlight)

Please equip yourself as you would carrying during everyday life. No battle belts, chest rigs, etc unless that is how you go the grocery store (police duty gear is acceptable)


Defensive Handgun Level 1 or equivalent training which has taught you how to draw from the holster and fire, conduct speed/tactical reloads, and how to clear malfunctions.


Principles of Night Vision and Thermal (webinar)


This course is open to ages 14+ as long as a parent attends.



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