Wilderness Land Navigation

Why This Course:

If you are an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys going to new places to explore, hunt, camp or hike you can find yourself in unfamiliar terrain.  Take a shortcut, hit a trail closed marker, or need to escape weather, or chase that deer a little further than you expected and next thing you know you can become lost.  Even if you aren’t worried about being lost, the ability to read a map and confidently move around gives you more options when you are exploring new areas.

If you are a member of a Search and Rescue team, understanding terrain and reading maps are vital skills.  In addition, you never want to become another victim in an already difficult situation.  If you are preparing for your NASAR SARTECH 2 certification, Land Navigation is one of the most failed portions of the practical test.

Topics Covered:

  • Map Reading
  • Terrain Features on Paper vs. Reality
  • Route Planning
  • Team Movement
  • Solo Movement
  • Night Navigation

Equipment Needed:

  • Compass (Orienteering Type of Military Lensatic)
  • Map Protractor
  • Water carrying source (Camelback, Nalgene, Canteen, etc)
  • Survival Knife
  • 50 feet of 550 paracord
  • Lighter
  • 2 medium size carabiners (they do NOT need to be weight bearing)
  • Good hiking boots
  • Long sleeves and long pants
  • Small “boo-boo” first aid kit


This course will go into the evening for the night navigation and start again early the next morning.  Please plan on sleeping close to the training facility or you will be extremely tired day 2.



Open to ages 14+ with parent attendance



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