Pediatric Medical Emergencies

About This Course:

Medical emergencies in kids are not as simple as taking adult treatments and “shrinking them down”. Infants and children often experience respiratory distress, respiratory failure, and shock in very different ways than an adult. Kids will often show signs for a period of time before the enter into cardiac arrest. Trauma of certain types are far more dangerous for kids, while other injuries can be less common. The goal of this course is to teach responders to quickly recognize and treat life threatening illnesses and injuries while waiting for the ambulance or during transport to an appropriate hospital.

Topics Covered:

  • Pediatric physiology
  • The most common pediatric illnesses and injuries
  • Understanding how children of different ages will communicate and respond to treatment
  • Airway management
  • Cardiac emergencies
  • Trauma injuries and prevention of hemorrhagic shock
  • Brain injuries and infections
  • Assisting in newborn delivery and resuscitation

This course stresses reading and interpreting what the child’s physiology is telling you, and how to make critical decisions on the best immediate treatment.

Equipment Needed:

Pen and Paper for notes. 




Available to participants ages 14 – 18 if a parent attends


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