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Precision Rifle Marksmanship 101

About This Course:

This course is the first in a series of Precision Rifle Marksmanship. This course will provide the foundation for students to become more accurate shooters at all distances with their given rifle and equipment. The focus is to eliminate as much human error from rifle application as possible in all firing positions. Eliminating this human error is essential when attempting to engage at further distances. All firing will be within 100 yards, as attention will be on the students shot groups, not distance.

Material Covered

  • Fundamentals of Rifle Marksmanship with 1-on-1 coaching of students application

  • Customization of rifles to shooters

  • Zeroing of rifles and tightening of shot groups

  • Alternate Position Firing

Material NOT covered

  • Distance shooting

  • Data collection and data books

  • Ballistics, MOA, and Mils

Equipment Required:

  • Rifle with sling (all platforms are acceptable. Recommended to use the same rifle throughout all of the Precision Rifle Marksmanship course)

  • All sighting platforms are acceptable (optic with Mil or MOA reticle will be required for PRM-201; recommended to have one for PRM-101 but not required)

  • 2 Magazines

  • Magazine carry method for at least 1 spare magazine

  • Approximately 200 rounds of ammunition (Match Grade Preferred)

  • Eye and Ear protection

  • Sand Socks (Socks filled with sand, beads, corn, etc to support rifle stock)

  • Rifle bipod or other front weapon support

Equipment Optional:

  • Spotting scope and/or binoculars

  • Tripod (standing/kneeling weapon support)

  • Shooting mat

  • Chair

  • Rain gear


  • A solid understanding of your weapon platform and full familiarity and compliance with firearm safety.

  • A willingness to break old shooting habits and learn new.


This course is open to ages 14+ as long as a parent attends.



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