Practical Rifle Skills

About This Course:

So you’ve learned the fundamentals, but can you put them into practice?

Or maybe we’ve helped introduce you to concepts like shooting while moving and while having to shoot from less ideal positions, but you recognize “I could use some further practice with that!”

Practical Rifle Skills courses are just that… applying the techniques and principles we’ve taught in courses of fire that will help to stretch you and grow you to your abilities.

This class will use numerous drills, imposed limitations, time stress (aka - “the neurolizer”) and other variables to assist you with finding what you need to work on while seeking to remain relevant to the world we live in.

Equipment Needed:

  • AR Style Rifle (Caliber Does Not Matter)
  • Sling (1 or 2 point is fine)
  • 2 Magazines
  • Magazine carry method
  • 400+ rounds of ammunition (the more you bring, the more you can shoot!)
  • Eye and Ear protection


Fighting Rifle Level 2


Open to ages 14 and over when attending with a parent.



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