Real World De-escalation

About This Course:

This course thoroughly dissects the complex concept of “de-escalation” and the many elements involved in determining its feasibility and effectiveness in a variety of encounters.  The course mutes the rhetoric prevalent in today’s emotionally charged atmosphere and unbiasedly focuses on the proven scientific realities surrounding human behavior as they apply to efforts to de-escalate situations.

The course will present concepts and methods to support de-escalation efforts when personal connections can be made.  Attendees will be provided with knowledge to apply to, and to address the needs of those in mental health crisis or those whose perception of reality is altered.  The course is designed to improve your ability to manage human beings by enhancing skills to establish contact, build rapport, and gain influence to achieve an objective.

Topics Include:

  • Avoid dangerous “de-escalation myths” that can jeopardize both responders and subjects
  • Quickly evaluate any interaction to determine whether de-escalation efforts are reasonable to consider, tactically practical, and likely to be successful.
  • Improve your ability to safely and effectively navigate challenging encounters with those with mental health issues.
  • Dramatically enhance de-escalation efforts by strategically combining human performance research findings, observations of subject behavior, and the right psychological techniques for negotiation and influence.
  • Employ specialized questions specifically designed to cognitively engage individuals in crisis and increase the likelihood of a non-forceful resolution.
  • Better ensure approach and control strategies maximize their response options while minimizing the potential for unnecessary emotional and/or physical escalation.
  • Employ proven techniques to overcome resistance and avoid or defuse physical confrontations.

Equipment Required:

Pen and Paper




This is an indoor classroom-based course with participants doing role-play

Open to ages 14+ with parent in attendance



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