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Refund Policy

Please read prior to signing up for any classes.  By signing up for a class you agree you have read and understand this policy

We want you to get trained, and we want to provide the best possible service to you in regards to that training. 

Many of our classes sell out.  By taking a spot you are preventing someone else from getting training.  All of our courses require preparation by our instructors, facility hosts, etc.  We often prepare well in advance based on the current student registration numbers.  As such, when you cancel or do not show for a class that means a change in plans for us that takes time away from preparing the best training possible.  Therefore we typically do not grant refunds.  

We train rain, snow, hot, cold, etc.  We watch the weather and as long as it isn't a safety concern (lightning, tornado, etc) we will train.

We understand things can happen.  Cars break down, someone gets sick, etc.  We are happy to roll you into the next offering of that class, or transfer your payment as a credit to a different class if something like that occurs.  Please understand our grace doesn't include you waking up late, didn't follow the directions to the class location, don't like the weather, etc.  We also cannot be responsible if you provide incorrect contact information or do not check your email, etc.

We sometimes have things happen on our side as well.  An instructor may get sick, a class location may have an issue, etc.  In those cases we will either transfer you to the makeup date or give you a refund.  We understand this is a major inconvenience and we try to minimize the times this occurs.  We will do our best to make it up to you if you do decide to transfer to a later date.  In that instance we may offer you additional training credits, class supplies, etc.  If you request a refund, we can only refund the class enrollment fee.

Some of our courses have prerequisites.  We often state you can attend as long as you have taken a similar prerequisite elsewhere.  We cannot possibly know if that course fully prepares you for our course.  If you show up and are not adequately prepared we do not offer a refund in those instances.  We feel you can always learn something, and the safest bet is to take the prerequisite we offer.  This is not an attempt to try and get more money from you attending all your training from us.  This is just trying to insure you get the most out of the current course, and insuring our instructor doesn't have to take time away from other students in attempt to "catch you up".

If you are unsafe, do not follow directions, or are generally rude to our instructors or other students you will be asked to leave.  In those instances there will absolutely be no refunds.

Because there is always the bad apple who thinks they can ignore this policy and simply file a dispute with their credit card, we have two additional rules.  If you are denied a refund based on the above and you file a dispute, you agree to be liable for not only the class fee but for any credit card fees.  If you decide to file bad reviews because you can't follow these rules, you are also liable for defamation.

99.5% of our students will not have any issue with this policy.  If you do, please do not sign up for training.

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