Situational and Behavioral Analysis Level 2

About This Course:

This course is a follow up to SRE-1 Situational and Behavioral Analysis.  This is NOT SRE-2, it is more SRE-1-B (although not technically in the SRE pipeline)

Once you know how to identify the baseline personalities, and understand the anomalies, you can enhance your skills by understanding the environment and how to search for the anomaly even when it appears to be hidden.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Habitual Areas and Anchor Points

  • Assessing Familiarity

  • Conducting a Deliberate Search

  • Conducting a Quick Search

  • When to Conduct the Search

  • Distinguishing False Personas

  • The Violence Planning Cycle

  • Improving Your Systems for Success

If you thought SRE-1 changed the way you looked at crowds, this course will bring it to a whole new level.

Equipment Required:

Notepad and Pen


SRE-1 Situational and Behavioral Analysis



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