SRE 1 - Situational / Behavioral Analysis

About this Course:

This course is part 1 of the Sidney Reilly Experience

A master spy needs to know how to maintain environmental awareness. But just knowing what is going on around you is not enough. You have to be able to read the clues and predict what may be coming. Are you in safe, or do certain clues help you see what could become a very dangerous situation?

In addition to reading the situational awareness, you need to be able to read people, often from a distance. Can you tell who may be out of place in the room without looking at facial features or clothing? Not just to predict threats, but to spot potential allies, potential obstacles, etc. You need to be able to walk in a room and know if something goes wrong, who might be able help you as much as who might be there to hurt you.

The skills learned in this course will help prepare you to excel in the later courses in the series.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Increasing Overall Situational Awareness

  • Reading and Interpreting the Baseline

  • Reading and Interpreting Clues in the Flow

  • Reading and Interpreting Body Language from a Distance

  • Reading and Interpreting Body Language during Conversation

  • Detecting Anomalies in People and the Environment

  • Other Topics only Disclosed to Students

While this series is labeled as a "Spy" series, the lessons taught are directly applicable for all people in their daily life.

We guarantee this course will change the way you see crowds and individuals.

Follow on Courses Include:

  • Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance

  • Close Range Improvised Weapons

  • Kidnaping Prevention and Escape

Those who complete the full series will be rewarded with a unique souvenir

Equipment Needed:

Comfortable walking shoes for day 2

Notepad and Pen




This course will be classroom followed by in-the-field exercises where students will test what they have learned



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