SRE 4 – Kidnapping Prevention and Escape

About This Course:

This is part 4 of the Sidney Reilly Experience (You must have taken part 1 and 2, but NOT 3 to attend)

This course is based off the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff Anti-Terrorism Awareness Course and Kidnapping Evasion and Escape for Foreign Diplomats. 

This course is designed to help those who travel to be safe during all facets of their trip.  Although specifically developed for overseas travel, this course will help you be safer even when planning a trip to the grocery store.

Topics Covered:

·         Airport Arrival Planning

·         Accessing Security at Hotels and Eateries

·         Familiarization with Criminal Methodology and Exploitations

·         Anatomy of an Abduction

·         Anti-Kidnapping Planning

·         Kidnapping Escape

·         Restraint Defeat

Equipment Needed:

Notetaking Material


This course will include classroom and practical exercises.


SRE-1 Situational and Behavioral Analysis

SRE-2 – Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance



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