Stop Their Bleeding, Keep Them Breathing

About This Course:

If you or someone in your vicinity suffers a severe injury and is bleeding you need to know how to stop that bleeding quickly and effectively.  There are many myths surrounding the usage of tourniquets, and not using one can cost someone their life.  Penetrating wounds to the chest or abdomen can quickly create respiratory issues, and knowing how and when to properly seal those wounds are vital.  These skills can be applied if you are in an active killer event, a car accident, or a workplace accident.  Knowing the proper way to stop someone’s bleeding and how to keep the breathing is truly the difference between life and death.

Topics Covered:

Direct and indirect pressure

Myths and Misconceptions of tourniquets

Selection of commercial tourniquets and making improvised tourniquets

Tourniquet application on yourself and others including one handed use

Chest seal selection and usage

Introduction of the recovery position for medical and identification

Triage and casualty collection point management

Equipment Needed:

Pen and Paper – all practice equipment is provided



Open to ages 14+ with parent in attendance


This is an introduction course with primarily information given and minor application of skills.  Participants should wear clothes they are comfortable in to lay on the floor.



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