Street Trauma Medical

About This Course:

This course will enable those first on scene to provide critical care to the trauma patient. This is especially valuable in rural auto accidents, work place injuries, farm injuries, or injuries while working on the home....where professional medical treatment might be delayed.

This course will cover:

  • Assessment & Scene Management

  • Traumatic Injuries

    • Head Trauma

    • Spinal Trauma

    • Thoracic Trauma

    • Abdominal Trauma

    • Musculoskeletal Trauma

    • Treatment of Burns

    • Oxygenation / Circulation

    • Hemmorrhage Control & Shock

    • Central Nervous System

  • Special Populations

    • Geriatric Trauma

    • Pediatric Trauma

    • Environmental Emergencies



Equipment Required:



Open to ages 14+ with parent attending



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