Threat Avoidance Driving Operations (TADO)

About This Course:

While many people have learned Defensive Driving skills, few have learned how to be "Offensive" in their use of a vehicle. This term does not necessarily mean using the vehicle as a weapon, but how to really push the dynamics while on the street in a safe manner for the passengers and for other drivers. If you found yourself in a situation where your car has been surrounded, where you may be the subject of an attempted hijacking, or where someone is actively chasing you in another vehicle, understanding the full abilities of the vehicle will prove vital.

This course was developed as an extension of the Emergency Vehicle Operators Course and High Speed Pursuit Training. It goes even further explaining how to not only control the car like taught in those courses, but how to actually utilize the vehicle to create safety for you and your family.

Some of the Skills Covered:

  • Evasive Maneuvering
  • Braking Techniques, including: ABS use and Threshold Braking
  • Varied Surface Driving
  • Driver / Vehicle Limits
  • Advanced Vehicle Dynamics
  • Safe and Effective Response Driving
  • Proactive Driving Skills

Equipment Required:

  • DOT or SNELL Approved Motorcycle type helmet with full ear coverage
  • Face shield or goggles
  • All other equipment including vehicles will be provided


Valid US Driver's License


Participants under 18 require a parent / legal guardian in attendance.



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