Wounds from Weapons 

About This Course:

Many misconceptions surround the wounds from weapons. Hollywood would make you think a single gunshot will throw the attacker backwards to their sudden death. Old knife books make you think a stab will be easy and quickly cause the attacker to bleed to death. Debates range over what caliber is sufficient for self-defense, and even how many deaths really occur do to weapons in the United States.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • What is the actual rate of injury and death due to various weapons in the US

  • What is the key differences between gunshot from a rifle vs a handgun

  • What caliber is truly a “stopper”

  • What kind of knife causes the most damage

  • What causes someone to “move backwards” when hit with a firearm round

  • How fast will you likely bleed out depending on the wound you receive

Equipment Required:

  • Computer, Tablet, or Phone

  • Stable high speed internet via WiFi or 4g Cellular


  • None


  • $25

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