Wilderness Survival Skills for Hunters, Hikers, and SAR Teams

Course Description

This course is will teach you how to be proactive in your outdoor readiness.  Whether you are someone who likes to hike, hunt, or are part of a Search and Rescue Team, being able to afield safely starts before you ever leave.

This course will teach you the mindset and skills to survive, and includes an in-depth look at what tools work, what tools don’t, and what tools are worth carrying.

The course is designed for participants of all skill levels and all physical capabilities.  This is not a SERE type extreme survival course.  This course will however give you practical and useful skills you can apply immediately to better your chances of surviving and being found should you get trapped outside for whatever reason.

If you are a member of a Search and Rescue Team this will help you pass the NASAR SARTECH 2 / 1 Examination.

Wilderness Survival Skills will focus on:

  • Principals of survival
  • Maintaining Body Temperature
  • Shelter Construction
  • Fire Starting and Maintaining
  • Water and Food
  • Reducing Risk and Fear
  • What Tools Work Best
  • Increasing Chances for Rescue

Equipment Needed:

You are welcome to bring whatever you want that can fit in a backpack you can carry.  This course is designed to simulate what you would have with you on a deep woods hunting or hiking adventure, or what you would have with you in a Search and Rescue pack.

The following items are recommended:

  • Small water bottle or canteen
  • Water purification straw, filter, or tablets
  • Food / Snacks (MRE or Hiker’s Food is best)
  • Survival Knife
  • 50 feet of 550 paracord
  • Good hiking boots
  • Long sleeves and long pants
  • Wool Blanket
  • Snare Wire
  • Flint and striker
  • Lighter
  • Whistle
  • Small Tent or Tarp
  • Ground Pad, Bivy Sack, Sleeping Bag, etc.
  • 2 medium size carabiners (they do not need to be weight bearing)
  • Notebook and pencil/pen
  • Basic First Aid Kit (band-aids, blister pads, etc)
  • Headlamp / Flashlight / Extra Batteries
  • Bug Spray / Sunscreen
  • Personal Toiletries including toilet paper
  • Plastic Trash Bag
  • A camp chair will be handy and is not required to be in your pack (you can leave it in the car)

It is NOT required you have everything on the list, but you MUST be prepared to stay outside for the full duration of the course.  You are welcome to leave extra water/food, etc in your car but try and pack like you would for hiking trip.  You will have access to your vehicle for the course duration. 

If you have multiple types of the same item and want to find out what works best, pack one item and leave the other item in your vehicle.  You can then swap out during the course based on what you learn.

Again, this course is as much about learning / testing gear as it is about other skills.

If you are missing items or need gear recommendations please contact us.


This is an overnight course.  If you absolutely must leave on Saturday night you must make arrangements prior, and you should not expect to leave prior to 9pm.



Open to all individuals age 14+ as long as a parent attends



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