Extreme Gunfighter

About this course:

Now that you have a solid understanding of your weapons, it is time to start integrating them into the full spectrum of "Gun Fighting".

This course will take you above and beyond the normal "shooting" with weapons. This is an advanced movement and fighting course that will integrate you rifle and handgun with hand-to-hand, knife, clubs, while maintaining weapon retention. This course is as much about training your mind as it is about training your body.

If you are civilian and find yourself as the potential victim of a violent crime, do you know how to maintain your composure and do what needs done to survive?

Perhaps you are a law enforcement officer who finds themselves wounded and unable to access their equipment in the normal manner. Can you use alternative weapons, push through the pain, and maintain focus until the job is complete?

Unfortunately most agencies spend very little time in the proper techniques, and most civilians do not have access to training of this nature.

Regardless of your experience, if you could ever find yourself in a life and death situation, this is a vital course for you.

Equipment Needed:

  • Good quality magazine fed rifle (AR, AK, etc.)

  • Approximately 300 rounds of rifle ammunition

  • Rifle Sling

  • 2 extra rifle magazines

  • Method to carry your rifle magazines (chest rig, battle belt, etc.)

  • High quality handgun

  • 2 extra handgun magazines

  • Handgun holster and method to carry extra handgun magazines

  • Approximately 200 rounds of handgun ammunition

  • If there is something you do not have, inform us in advance and we can arrange for you to borrow.

  • All participants should bring ear and eye protection and dress appropriately for the weather.


  • This is a "by permission" course.  We need to know you have solid skills and an understanding of safety prior to attending.  Please send us a message prior to registering.


This is an extremely physical course. Drills will be adjusted based on your physical capability or any previous injuries, but expect to push yourself.



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