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AR 15 Armorer

  • 17 Jul 2021
  • 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
  • MALC Classroom, 3260 Market Place Drive, Edinburgh, IN 46124
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About This Course:

The AR-15/10 platform is one of the most popular rifles in existence today. With years of advances, it has become a highly reliable, accurate, and customizable platform. Primarily thought of as a combat weapon used in military, law enforcement, or personal defense situations, recent changes in hunting laws have seen it become popular in deer stands, hunting pigs, and blasting prairie dogs.

While saying you have an "AR" gives a basic idea of what you own, there are thousands of variations you can actually have. From the concealed carry 9 mm pistol version, to the .308 squad automatic sniper rifle, to the .50 Beowulf, there are close to a dozen different caliber choices. 8" barrels up to 24" barrels, different twist rates, different barrel thickness, low profile gas blocks, piston driven, free float rails, enhanced triggers, etc are all decisions you need to face when choosing an AR.

This course will teach you to fully disassemble your AR, trouble shoot any issues, customize any parts, and re-assemble.

Equipment Required:

An AR Armorers set is very valuable for this course. We will have limited tools available to borrow.

We recommend a kit like the essentials kit available from Brownells: https://tinyurl.com/yblhoa9j You do NOT need the professional kit.

If you want to get by with the basics and borrow our tools, we recommend a small punch set, a small hammer, and a small plastic or rubber mallet.



Open to ages 14 and up when parent attends.


Due to ATF regulations, you may not assemble a new AR during this course. You can disassemble it at home and bring all the parts you need to re-assemble it, even in a different configuration. Please contact us with any questions.



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