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Close Range Handgun

  • 14 Aug 2022
  • 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • MALC Range, 6077 South US HWY 31, Edinburgh, IN 46124
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About This Course:

The reality is most gunfights in the domestic United States will take place up close and personal.  The idea you will be shooting your adversary at 25 yards is usually a myth and a mindset which makes it easier for you to feel safe after going to the range and practicing your marksmanship aimed at static paper targets. Statistics show the majority of gunfights happen within 3 yards, and many within arms reach.  Some places will teach you to create distance from your adversary, but we teach if you find yourself in a deadly encounter to get close, interrupt their OODA loop, end the fight, and go home.

This course will teach you how to fire your weapons without sights, quickly, in close, and with potential other obstacles in the way.

Equipment Required:

  • Semi-Automatic Handgun

  • Holster (NO Serpa Holsters due to insurance regulations)

  • 3 Magazines

  • Magazine carry method for at least 1 spare magazine

  • Approximately 300 rounds of ammunition

  • Eye and Ear protection

  •  T-Shirt or Sweatshirt you don't mind destroying

  •  Please equip yourself as you would carrying during everyday life.  No battle belts, chest rigs, etc unless that is how you go the grocery store (police duty gear is acceptable)


Defensive Handgun Level 2, or equivalent training through us or at another recognized facility.  You must have above average weapon safety understandings and muzzle discipline.  Please contact us with any questions about these prerequisites.


This course is available to those 18 and over. 

This is a very advanced course, it isn't overly physical must you must have your brain engaged at all times.



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