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Defensive Handgun Level 2 - Edinburgh

  • 3 Sep 2022
  • 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • MALC Range, 6077 South US HWY 31, Edinburgh, IN 46124
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Course Description:

If you’ve taken our Defensive Handgun Level 1 and our Defensive Handgun Skills Builder courses, you qualify for this level 2 course.  Ready for a fast paced day to take your skills to the next level?

Research and our own experience in our Force-on-Force classes show one of the most common injuries in a fight are injuries to the hands.  If you take one of your hands out of the fight, can you still properly operate your weapon?

This course will take the skills you learned about drawing your weapon, reloading, and clearing malfunctions, and force you to do all these things with one hand out of play.  In addition, we will work on drawing from compromised positions and introduce you to the concepts of reactionary shooting (shooting through the draw without a sight picture).

In addition, this course will combine Moving & Shooting skills, where you will learn how to effectively shoot while moving.

Standing still in a gunfight will get you killed.  You are either pressing the attack, retreating, moving toward cover, or moving toward an objective.  Being able to manipulate your weapon one handed, weak handed, and while moving are vital to your success.  This course will make extensive use of footwork, weapon control, and shot placement while on the move.

Equipment Required:

  • Semi-Automatic Handgun
  • Holster (NO Serpa Holsters due to insurance regulations)
  • 3 Magazines
  • Magazine carry method
  • Approximately 350 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye and Ear protection


Defensive Handgun Level 1.

If you have attended a defensive handgun course at another facility where you are familiar with drawing from a holster and clearing all malfunctions you will be accepted.



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